Saturday, September 29, 2012

Outfit of the Day - ArtPrize

What a gorgeous Saturday! It's 75 degrees, and there's not a cloud in the sky. Hubs and I slept in and then headed out for a late breakfast and a tour ArtPrize. If you don't know, ArtPrize is a massive art competition that's spread out over 3 square miles of downtown Grand Rapids. It. is. amazing. There's over 1,500 entries this year, ranging from paintings and sandcastles, to huge sculptures and mobile displays of butterflies. If you get the chance, it's definitely worth a visit.

Anyways, it was cool this morning, so I broke out some new boots. I love boots. Especially ones I find at Kohl's for under 30 bucks. Score.

Chambray shirt - Marshall's $14.99; Black jeans - Marshall's $16.99; Black boots - Kohl's $29.99 (before 30% off coupon - win); Bag - DSW $39.95; Initial pendant - $7.99 World Market; Sunnies - Michael Kors via TJ Maxx $24.99

Happy Saturday!

Monday, September 24, 2012

A fresh start....and a WEDDING!

Welcome back! It's been almost 2 years since I've updated, and a LOT has happened since then. But the biggest event that happened....I GOT MARRIED!! Ben and I got married in May in Vegas. It was the best week ever. If you're thinking about getting married in Vegas, I highly recommend it. It was soo much fun and so stress-free. We had our ceremony in the gardens at Caesars Palace and our reception dinner at Stack in the Mirage. About 30 of our closest friends and family were able to join us, which we were so grateful for. Everything was perfect. Here's some photographic proof of the awesomeness :)

Don't mind the number of drinks in front of me. They weren't all mine. Swear :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

JCP Lighting Sale

Someone worked until 8:00 last night, which left someone cranky and too tired to work on their idea for Kim’s dare to be thankful party. Hopefully I can get to that goodness tonight.

Anywho, just thought I’d pass this along in case anyone is on the hunt for some new lighting.

Sorry for the picture quality. It’s the best I could do with their website.

Adjustable Metal Column Floor Lamp by Studio

$99.99! I don’t need it, but I reeeeally want it :)

Linden Street Adjustable Pharmacy Table Lamp


Black Column Table Lamp


Mix-and-Match Glass Genie Lamp Base


Linden Street Glass Table Lamp


Boom Wood Floor Lamp by Studio

$99.99 Not my cup of tea, but it’s pretty unique.

I know a lot of us DIY our own lighting, but these are pretty good deals, especially on the floor lamps. And if you hunt the web, you can find an additional 15% off code.

Points for good ol’ JCP.


then there’s this:

Nessie LED Lamp


Points retracted.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas on the brain

I am totally that girl. The one who listens to Christmas music in November, who has her shopping done by Thanksgiving, and puts all of her decorations up at least 6 weeks before the holiday.

Overboard? Perhaps. But I don’t care. I flippin’ love the holidays.

I’m in the process of gathering inspiration for my decor this year. The last few years, I stuck with a red and silver theme. Lots of berries, jeweled fruit, sparkly snowflakes, etc. It was gorgeous if I do say so myself. But this year, I want to go for a more rustic wintery look, using white, silver, green, and brown. I think it will work well with the cottage style of my home, and the gray paint throughout my living and dining rooms.

So here’s my inspiration photos I have thus far. You’ll have to forgive me again for not having sources. I peruse blogs and Google images, copy and paste them all into giant Word docs, and never remember to include the source. Bad blogger.


I plan to adapt this idea for my dining room chandy.


I love this three wreath look.


This is so creative. I think it’s via Pottery Barn. But it would be a super simple DIY. Thick branches, twine, small buckets painted and stenciled.


via The Nester. I love this method of hanging a wreath in front of a mirror with ribbon. It would be gorgeous with a cypress wreath like this one (however I’m not paying $99 for the Pottery Barn one):

Live Cypress Wreath


And I just love everything about this photo.

I’ve also been collecting some vintage Christmas clip art from The Graphics Fairy. This is such a great site for DIY art ideas. Here’s some of the pictures I might use for my own holiday art.




I looove this sheet music cover. I’m Polish, and I always used to listen to polkas with my Grandpa. So this would be such a cool, personal piece of art.



Soo there you have it. The first of many Christmas posts from this girl. Am I the only nut who’s got Christmas on the brain?

Apparently I’m not! Roeshel over at the DIY Showoff is a girl after my own heart :)